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Death Do Us Apart

Death Do Us Apart is a short film currently doing rounds at film festivals including the Cannes film festival 2015. The intention is for it to be turned into a feature length film along with a graphic novel. The film has a great cast attached to it such as Jason Flemyng and Josh Myers.

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Invincible is a documentary about Multiple Sclerosis in football. Invincible is about ex Manchester United and ex Southampton player Danny Wallace, his rise to the top one moment then all gone due MS. It features a number of footballing starts including Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Alan Hanson.

Watch Invincible Teaser Tape



Community Projects

Sweet Mate Productions actively take part in communities around London and the Midlands. Below are a few links to some of the companies, visual projects and youth organisations we have worked with - delivering hands on advice and expertise along with one or all of the services we provide.

If you have any community projects that you would like us to be involved in or want advice then contact us.

We have worked on several community projects with young people from 8 to 21 years of age partnering with well-known institutions such as the BBC and One Housing Group Youth Services.

One of our recent projects was to take budding young media enthusiasts to the BBC, where they learned about the history, productions and current operational set up of one of the largest broadcasters in the world. In addition, our partners (Empire cinema) at Leicester Square have supported our projects within the BAME community

Please see below for examples and case studies on projects where we worked with young people.

Pro Active Awards

The Game

Behind the scenes of Empire



Corporate films

Sweet Mate Productions also does bespoke videos to cater for the needs of every individual business we work with. Below are some examples of projects we have completed. Feel free to have a look. Along with an eye-catching promotional video for your business we also have a small team of social media-savvy marketers and copywriters ready to rebuild, reshape or create anew your company’s social media and web presence. If you’re interested in a video for your company then get in touch.

USN supplement promo

One Housing Group “Youth Services”

Origin “Bather Basil”



Corporate films

Sweet Mate Productions also specialises in start-up crowd funding pitch videos. We have made pitch videos to advertise both business clients and for feature and short films. Have a look at the pitch video we did for Fuudel an automated all in one EPOS system for restaurants

Fuudel crowdfunding pitch video

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